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Jan Penninkhof Posts

Dogkiller in Singapore

I just wanted to inform you about the news that in Toa Payoh, Singapore, someone who apparently hates dogs has shot and killed a large number of them over the past weeks. Police believe that whoever is responsible may travel to other residential areas from time to time to continue his evil deeds. They do have a possible suspect but he will not confess so as a precaution, a photograph of him have been released to the public (included at the bottom) so dog owners can be careful of this suspected heartless serial killer.

WIFI Tripping

Some time ago I read this: “TOP-secret files can be downloaded from the Prime Minister’s computers in Downing Street… Reporters were shown how to access the system used by MPs at their new

No Software Patents

If Haydn had patented “a symphony: characterised by that sound is produced (in extended sonata form)”, Mozart would have been in trouble. Imagine that each time you made a software design decision, and especially whenever you used an algorithm that you read in a journal or implemented a feature that users ask for, you took a risk of being sued. Find more information here That’s how it is today in the US, because of software patents. Soon it may be the same in most of Europe… Unlike copyright, patents can block independent creations. Software patents can render software copyright…

Allard’s duck

Allard and my father have always been dreaming about this funny little French car that goes by the name of ‘Eend’ (transl. Duck). To me it is still unclear why you would call a car ‘Eend’, but that’s completely besides the point. When Dutch are referring to ‘Eend’, they actually mean the good old Citroen 2VC4. The people’s car from the old days from France. After day dreaming for a long time, Allard and my father finally cut the knot, counted their money and found out they could afford one. Allard had decided that the car should be his wedding…

Welcome back to

Wow, that wasn’t funny. All of a sudden some of my hard drives in all my PCs stopped working. The harddrive in my linux machine with all websites and databases suddenly started clicking very loud when I wanted to reboot it after it hung, and at the same time I wan’t able to access my backup drive on another PC anymore. This was not just Murphy’s Law…. Anyway, I did a major revision of my machine part; happen to have a faster CPU for my internet server now and even more hard disk space for my video and music collection…

MBA in a nutshell

Revenue/Cost model Profit Revenue Cost Price Quantity Fixed Variable Price discrimination Changes in pricing structure Viability of pricing over time Discounts of couponing Competitor’s pricing Customer segmentation New/existing Loyal/switchers Channel restrictions or temporary disturbances Changing customer demands Capital equipment Land Buildings Labor Material Energy The 3 C’s (Company, Customers, Competition) Company Cost structure, break-even, capacity utilization, cost compared to competitors, financial resources, company and product fit, core competencies Customers Who are they, how are they different (segmented), what is the level of competitive intensity in the industry, what channels do they use, how are products differentiated Competition Who are they,…