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UI5 Custom Control for QR Codes

A few days ago, one of my fellow SAP Mentors was looking for a UI5 control that would display a QR codes:

When I first started experimenting with custom controls, I have been experimenting with a couple of Javascript libraries, including the great QR library by Kazuhiko Arase. I believe at that time, I started experimenting with this library because it was possible to re-render the QR codes without rendering the entire DOM element, a feature that UI5 can leverage in its custom controls.

As I still had this custom control lying around, I decided to polish it up and release it under an MIT license on Github:

Here’s a screenshot of the control in action:

UI5 QR Code Screenshot

Installation is quite similar to any other custom control:

  1. Add the control directory to the application directory (webapp) of your project (don’t forget the 3rdparty directory)
  2. Register a module path for the control in the init method of your Component.js file:
  3. Define the namespace in the top of your view xmlns:p="com.penninkhof.controls", e.g.:
  4. And just add the line below  to your view.

    Of course you could also bind the code to a model:

To play around with the control, check out this demo-app on:

Enjoy! And please do feel free to fork and contribute on Github!

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