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Impressions from the Moroccan Bazaar Beverwijk

The Bazaar in Beverwijk is the largest covered market in Europe. There are several market halls, such as the ‘Black Market’, ‘Oriental Market’ (better known as the Moroccan Bazaar Beverwijk in my family), ‘Grand Bazaar’, ‘Computer Market’ and ‘Flea Market’. The Bazaar also has its own ChinaTown. The markets are packed with antiques, curiosities, books, shoes, trendy clothing, car parts and fruit and vegetables. ChinaTown has 180 shops as well as restaurants and wholesalers.

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Last weekend Haseenah​ and I spent some time shopping shopping for my sister-in-law’s new house at the Moroccan Bazaar Beverwijk, where she moved using the help of a moving company online. After just snapping away here and there to show her what’s available, I decided to compile all those rather nice photos into a little video. The market has a truly unique multi-cultural ambience with the touch of Oriental, Middle-East, African and Chinese influences. Although exotic spices and fresh vegetables are at the heart of the Oriental Market, it is also home decorators heaven.

I’m quite surprised that the Moroccan Bazaar Beverwijk isn’t visited by more tourist. It’s actually an awesome place for tourist to get to know the cultural melting pot of the country they’re visiting. I was told my my father that his colleague even used to bring his Egyptian business partner out to the Bazaar, so apparently there’s even something interesting to see and buy for them! The Bazaar is also ideal for a family outing as it opens its doors to the public at weekends. There are more than enough facilities for a pit-stop, so you can have a snack, recharge your batteries and continue to explore the Bazaar for hours on end. Covering the entire Bazaar in one day is nigh on impossible, so plan a whole weekend for exploring, or return another weekend.

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