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Month: March 2014

SAP Hana Café NL – second edition

The second edition is out now!!! Please find this episode’s topic below: CodeJam SAP River Recap of the event at March 7, 2014 Recorded in English with Inbal Zilberman, Yoram Hod, Fred Verheul, Jan-Willem Kaagman, Jan Penninkhof, Roel van den Berge and Twan van den Broek What is SAP River? What to do as ABAP developer? VNSG focus groep SAP Custom Development Opgenomen in Nederlands met Jan-Willem Kaagman, Fred Verheul, Rob van der Marck, Jan Penninkhof, Roel van den Berge en Twan van den Broek Waarom een nieuwe focus groep Wat gaat de focus groep doen Agenda Kickoff meeting

HANA Café NL – The inflection point

SAP HANA Cafe Netherlands – a series of podcasts about all the fun things in our life as SAP developers. Roel van den Berge, Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek will start and invite other friends of the Dutch SAP Mafia to join in the coming episodes. We want to address: SAP development (ABAP, HANA, SAP River) User Experience SAP’s platform Integration (Process Orchestration) Mobile Fun SAP stuff 😉 One downside for my international readers – it will be in Dutch… Last week we visited SAP d-code in Walldorf and decided to do a wrap up. Season 1, Episode 1…