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Customer testimonial for SAP/Phoqus

In my job with Phoqus, I have been exploring to bring some of Phoqus’ solutions to the cloud and have partnered with the product teams of SAP Labs Israel and SAP Labs Walldorf to try to run some of the applications on SAP’s cloud platform and the SAP Netweaver Cloud portal. Although I didn’t expect that we would be recognized for doing something really revolutionary, one day I found an email with the content below in my inbox:

Happy to inform you that your solution showcase on Netweaver Cloud has made a great impression on the selection board which was run today. We would like to showcase your solution at TechEd Vegas prominently; the tentative plan is even the keynote, although that is yet to be decided.

To be able to show the solutions to a larger audience, SAP proposed to send a video team over for a video testimonial and of course that would be fine.

I expected SAP to send someone over with a handycam to just have a short interview with me and perhaps my colleagues. Instead, on the day itself, I found a van parked in front of our door and the video team was already unloading their gear. The video team was going to shoot for a full day in our office, riding and tilting their camera’s all over the place, they even invest in a 4k camera taking shoots of basically everyone that happened to be there.

It was quite an experience. Absolutely remarkable what the effect of a camera pointed at me has. It was almost like a part of my brain was shutting down. Fortunately I noticed that I wasn’t the only person trying to conquer fried brain cells. And despite all this, I think we have been able to deliver enough footage for two very nice videos.

SAP partner PhoQus on SAP NetWeaver Cloud:

Phoqus runs SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal:

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