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Away with the Bozo’s. HP needs to innovate again!

How far my beloved ex-employer has fallen. HP is poised to eliminate as many as 30,000 jobs to compensate for dwindling demand for personal computers as more people connect to the Internet onsmartphones and tablets, according to reports published Thursday. Is it okay to call it “tragic”?

After reading Steve Jobs biography, I’m afraid that HP turned into a company led by, what Steve called “Bozo’s”. People that are doing their best to maximize earnings and profit, but have no clue about products anymore. As mentioned by many, the IT area is changing and many are even speaking about the post-PC area. Maximizing profits on products of the past won’t do it anymore. If you want to keep on riding the waves, you will have to keep on innovating.

When Carly was CEO “invent” had already become just a lip-service marketing term. when Hurd was CEO, the company cut deeply into its research-and-development budget. And finally when Apotheker was CEO it scrapped most of the computing devices of the future. It is no wonder that HP is now struggling to adapt to a technological shift.

Eventually you need products in order to sell. New shiny and innovative products that likely somehow touch the topic of tablets, mobility, in-memory and cloud. What HP needs most, is a boost in the R&D and product development area. Instead of building rip-offs, HP needs to make sure that it becomes a leader in its field again.

So GO Meg Whitman and turn that ship around. Change HP into a company focusing on products rather than maximizing profits and share-price again! 

Or, as former Intel CEO Craig Barrett once said:

You can’t save your way out of a recession; you have to invest your way out.

And as Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

You can’t focus on profits and revenues and make great products. They are the result of making great products.

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