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What a excellent holiday story…

money-xmas-treeOut of sympathy it seems she made 117 transfers between 2003 and 2005, moving more than €7.6m (£6.9m) from richer accounts at a rural German branch to people who were suffering financially. Already, she has been dubbed “Die Robin Hood Bankerin”. Click here for full article.

  • “The accused hasn’t put one cent in her own pocket. She did it purely out of sympathy with people who were suffering financially,” the woman’s lawyer, Thomas Ohm, said. She was a “good samaritan” with a “Mother Courage” nature, referencing the Brecht character who believes she can do good in a bad world. The employee was accused of allowing overdrafts for customers who would not normally qualify for them. She then used the money from richer customers to temporarily disguise the loans during the bank’s monthly audit of overdrafts
  • The woman knew most of the clients of her small rural branch and had access to their accounts, German TV station WDR reported – “They couldn’t get credit in a conventional way,” the woman told the court
  • The judge said: “It’s difficult to find an appropriate punishment here. On the one hand we have big losses. But on the other hand we have here this altruistic behaviour, which makes the case very different from the norm.”
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