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SAP Netweaver Individual Developer Licenses

As long as I am developing custom software based on SAP, I have always had the need (or maybe desire) to play around with some new functions or try something out that I didn’t want to do in a regular SAP enviroment, either because it would jeopardise operation or just didn’t have anything to do with the current project or business.

Previously SAP had several types of licenses available that could meet this demand:

  • SDN Trial licenses
  • SAP Discovery server
  • Netweaver Developer subscription

However, there was always a catch:

  • No recent ABAP stack
  • License expirations and the hassle of re-licensing
  • High costs that would need management buy-in and business-cases
  • Geographic availability

Introduction of Individual Developer Licenses

There is good news! SAP has promised to come up with Individual Developer License that could put an end to many of the limitations of the previous licenses. These Individual Developer Licenses were planned to be available in either November or December this year.

During the Teched I learned about some excellent benefits:

  • Available world-wide
  • Contains a recent ABAP stack as well as a Java stack
  • License does not expire
  • Available for free

As with the previous license there are some caveats as well, but I can understand where they come from and aren’t as limiting as the previous issues. Rui Nogueira told me that they didn’t call it an “Individual Developer’s” license for nothing. They don’t want companies to run productive applications on it and also wouldn’t like to see ISVs to develop products on it. Not only would it cause legal issues in the area of liability, but there are other and better licenses available to fulfil that need. For my personal hacking and experimenting with SAP’s latest development environment, this license is a perfect fit though.


Although I might be too too late with my wish-list regarding this license, it may not hurt either:

  • Availability of both an ABAP and Java stack with CE. Inclusion of PI and BW would be a nice bonus.
  • Updated to the latest versions: 7.2 Java and 7.0.2 ABAP.
  • Links to SDN Code Exchange (maybe just Subclipse for Java, and a derivative of SAPLink for the ABAP development)
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