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Start a process on resume from S3

When you want to run an application when resume your PC from stand-by, you can follow the following procedure:

  1. Open task sheduler [press windows key, type task, click on task scheduler at the top of the menu list]
  2. In Actions [menu or right pane] click ‘new task’
  3. In General tab, give your task a name
  4. In Trigger tab, click ‘new’
  5. Choose ‘on an event’ in the top drop-down list.
  6. Choose ‘custom’ radio button
  7. Click on the ‘new event filter’ button that now appears.
  8. For event level, choose ‘information’
  9. In ‘event logs’ drop-down menu, choose windows logs > system. Put a tick next to ‘system’ only
  10. Click on the text ‘All event ID’s’ [the text will clear] and insert 1
  11. Click ok
  12. In the ‘Actions’ tab, choose the program you want to start by clicking ‘new’
  13. In the ‘new action’ window, use the browse button to navigate to the .exe of the program you want to run. If you have a shortcut on your desktop for the program, you can simply choose that and scheduler will extract the path from the shortcut.
  14. [optional] Add -fullscreen to the ‘arguments’ box if you want your program to start full screen and it supports this switch [argument]
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