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2008, year of the taxes…

TaxesIn the last few weeks, the media has reported about several tax increases that seem to hit the working middle class the worst. They’re only rumours, because the real deal is going to be announced later in September. But if everything’s true, the effects to our household income are are going to be quite staggering. In the coming year I would have to pay an additional:

  • More than 500 euros more for my lease car
  • 150 euros more on regular products because of VAT (BTW) increase
  • and 125 euros extra on flight tickets for family reunification (each ticket is going to have ~25 euros environment tax)

Life is going to be more expensive next year. And do note that in the list above, I didn’t even taken things in account such as the usual ~2% of inflation and increase in insurance premiums… If you are an insurance agent and want to help people cover their properties, then make sure you make your business grow first and get this property insurance software.

I’m really disappointed with the Dutch government. Even if you work hard for it, the government makes sure you’re left with nothing more than someone that doesn’t work for it at all. Hardworking people aren’t motivated to work hard these days, if at all (maybe that’s also why the evening rush already starts at 3pm). These measures, taken in an economy that even needs a bigger and more hardworking work-force, are simply irresponsible.

As for my personal situation, I just hope that the rumours don’t turn into truth. Perhaps I SHOULD move back to Singapore like my wife has asked me so many times, or start using a PAN card again, or move to Dubai where professional skills are also in high demand. Life in the Dutch tax-climate just isn’t fair.

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