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One of my most favorite pictures

Not sure why I’m writing this post. It’s not even really a post, but rather a picture. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in Milan this weekend, that he was sleeping when I got back and was still sleeping when I left this morning.

I miss Daniel

I miss him.

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  1. I agree with you too Rinie. We were having our holiday when Daniel was so sweet and wanted only his daddy to carry him and the sun was setting….I took this picture. 🙂

    We are happily settling down in the Netherlands now with 3 kids. Once a while, we go back to singapore for holiday…miss those delicious food!! 🙂

    Take Care and have fun!

  2. Cindy Cindy

    he is so grown up now! How are you and your beautiful family is doing? Hope all is well!!

    Take care!

    Cindy & Cynthia!

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