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Italian Narrow-mindedness (part 2)

Carlo GiovanardiI was writing a little story about Italian hypocricy a little while ago in my blog. Haseenah showed me another story about the weirdness of Italians, and again that cut to the quick. The Italian minister Carlo Giovanardi has blamed my country “to do away with people like drinking a glass of water”. In that line he was referring to the legalized euthanasia that is only conducted under very special circumstances when the patient has incurable and unbearable condition and has made conscious request euthanasia. It’s definitely not “doing away with people” as Mr Giovanardi mentioned, but instead humanitary help, that helps people to be able to keep their dignity and prevents them from unnecessary suffering.

Anyway, if you find that this doesn’t show the Italian narrow-mindedness again, then I’ll eat my hat. Bad on your Mr. Giovanardi. And good on you Jan Peter, for asking the Italian government for an explanation. The Italian Radical party has now even called for Giovanardi’s resignation.

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