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Oh my dearest Haseenah!!

My dear wife has been reading my blogs everyday and everytime after she read a story, she always asks me why she is never mentioned in the story. Of course that’s not true, because you can even see her picture popping up on my blog. It’s just that she wanted to have a full story dedicated to her. Well, here you go my dear, a full blog-line dedicated to you. And yes yes, of course I love you my darling Haseenah! Hasssseeeeeeeeenaaaahhhhh!! (I’m sure this will keep her happy for a while)

By the way, she’s pregnant again! It’s 2 months now, while my eldest kid is barely 7 months. It was a bit of an accident, because we hadn’t planned to have another baby for a couple of years at least, but it happened. As they say: God moves in mysterious ways, especially considering the fact that we have just found out that Haseenah is pregnant with twins!

Wish us luck guys, that’s gonna be difficult to feed 3 crying babies at the same time. Oh and mum & dad, if you happen to read this, let me know of all the houses that are coming up for sale next to you. We really really need your help!!!

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  1. Rina Devilly Rina Devilly

    Hello Mr, Mrs and baby Penninkhof!

    I hope you still remember an old acquaintance! Wow, I cannot believe that baby Daniel is gonna get a lil baby brother/sister to play with real soon! So, will baby (the second one – it gets confusing!) be a september baby? I delivered my little baby last September… Gosh, congrats you both and wish Haseenah the very best for her second pregnancy! Are you both still in Holland or back in the SG? CONGRATS CONGRATS! 🙂

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