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Month: January 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong xi fa cai, gong hei fat choi, gung hay fat choy, khung xie fat jay, khiong hie fat choy! Can someone tell to me why Happy New Year is written in so many ways?

Bombing in Dajaur: UN, do something!

The US has bombed Dajaur and killed 18 innocent people, including women and children. As a reaction, senator McCain said that such casualties are “unavoidable” as Washington robustly pursues its war on terror. It really struck me that it was so easy for him to sacrifice people from another country. But on top of that, I wonder if McCain would have said the same if the women and children that died were US citizens instead of Pakistanis. Would he actually sacrifice American women and children for the same cause as he did with these Pakistani people? It

Marketing budget cuts and blunders?

As we probably all know there are tonnes of marketing tools to use. There is software like Salesforce that helps improve customer engagement, and there are social media campaigns as well to attract audiences. But not all marketing strategies are equal, or wise. The year has just started and some folks are really blundering their way through marketing-city, instead of using free marketing sites such as Youtube in which one could get a lot of real views and likes from The Marketing Heaven without having to spend their hard-earned finance or their valuable time. In fact with the growing use…

IC number for everything

Recently, I wrote in my blog about those large companies that have so much critical personal data and that make this information available to all their employees for their easy reference, but which causes a potential security risk. If you’re interested in reading about it, just click here. Another type of identity theft can very easily happen through those marketing sites that are also asking for a tad to much personal information (which the probably don’t even need). An example is the sign-up section of the micro-site of the Ministry of Sound:  I wonder why they need so much…