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Hypocrital Italian

I was watching BBC-World, while suddenly my attention was focussed on a comment that was sent in by a guy by the name of Govin or something, an Italian that happened to play tourist in Amsterdam a while ago. He mentioned in his comment that Amsterdam was probably the sleaziest city in the world and that it could have had so much more to offer.

Hearing that through BBC World, from a fellow that comes from a country that is famous for breeding the world’s horniest hypocritical bastards is simply unbelievable. It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy, just like virtually every Italian visiting Amsterdam, would have been walking the streets in Amsterdam’s red-light district every night. Yet, he has the shame to make such a statement about Amsterdam. Probably he was trying to keep up the appearances for his family at home, perhaps his family was even making him write the letter after they found out what he’s been doing on his trip…

Well Govin (if that’s your name), it seems that you’ve been looking for the sleaziness yourself, and Amsterdam DOES have a lot to offer! It’s just that if you would take the effort to get your prick out of “de walletjes” for one night, you would have had the chance to experience it! Besides a liberal environment, Amsterdam has a rich cultural heritage, diverse & creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life.

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