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Help Tsunami Victims

Because an image can speak louder than 1000 words and because I think most image that have reached the world have been so graphic already, I thought these before and after satellite photos give a realistic impression on how badly destructed some of the places were that were hit by the Tsunami.

I was in Bali at the moment the Tsunami hit South Asia and obviously the most images I’ve seen are from Indonesia. I was hoping for more coverage from the other media stations as well, as Indonesia is probably worse hit than anywhere else. It seems that the focus in Singapore is biassed towardsThailand, where a lot where a lot of Europeans and some Singaporeans were celebrating their holidays.

I guess some people are a little bit more equal than others. That’s why I’ve decided to donate to the global Unicef organization. Amongst the survivers, I think the children in the worst hit places, such as Indonesia (Sumatra and Aceh), India and Sri Lanka need it the most at the moment. And I’m convinced that Unicef will take care of that.

If you think supporting Unicef is a good idea, I would like to encourage you to visit the link below for a donation:

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