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Month: January 2005

chkdsk saved my life!

Yesterday I noticed the delights of this simple tool chkdsk that’s part of Windows XP. As a fanatic Linux user, I’ve done some repartitioning to make some space on my PC. Unfortunately Partition Magic had some troubles with my disk for one reason or another and decided to stop the process somewhere half-way, leaving me with an inaccessible disk. Windows would reboot after having loaded the 3rd or 4th driver, which made booting up virtually impossible. Oh man, I’ve experienced that before and that’s the moment that it doesn’t matter how cold the room is or how still you sit.…

Global internet conspiracy: Googlezon

I came across a very interesting view on the future, in which is explained how a global conspiracy of the evil large internet coporations behind Google and Amazon will impeach Microsoft and New York Times and welcome us into the world of shallowness. Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson did an incredibly cool and thought-provoking presentation about the future of online media, which culminated in a discussion of Googlezon and Epic – Google and Amazon’s future foray into media. Click here to view the video.

Help Tsunami Victims

Because an image can speak louder than 1000 words and because I think most image that have reached the world have been so graphic already, I thought these before and after satellite photos give a realistic impression on how badly destructed some of the places were that were hit by the Tsunami. I was in Bali at the moment the Tsunami hit South Asia and obviously the most images I’ve seen are from Indonesia. I was hoping for more coverage from the other media stations as well, as Indonesia is probably worse hit than anywhere else. It seems that the…