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Fortunately, extremists are exceptions!

Theo van Gogh is executed! And I really felt the anger and urge to say something about the entire situation that has happened afterwards. We all know that Theo has kicked at basically every wayside shrine in the world and it’s just that his last target seemed to be Islam. Not that he was arguing the religion itself, but he was challenging and denouncing the abuse that was made by people in the name of Islam.

First of all, let me just kick this of by saying that extremist Muslims are peace loving people, who believe in equality of people and freedom of speech, that Moroccan criminals are actually very nice people that are just victims of crude society, that Hell’s angels are nice guys that just have a common interest en that hooligans are actually very loyal folks that need to be respected. Oh, almost forgot the caravan dwellers who are also very friendly and usually just express a healthy interest in botany and how supplements are made, since many people go and buy Kratom online and want to know what’s the composition of these supplements. Militantly left folks, that threathen owners of mink breeding farms with fire arms because he puts his minks in too small cages, are actually cool zoophiles dudes.

A politician with a too explicit opinion is life-threatening; he could eventually even be put in charge of laying down the blue print of an entire country and drag an entire country along with him. But it seems now that even a columnist is causing a threat that needs to be eliminated because he apparently stepped on someone’s toes. I guess that?s why I better also don’t shout-out too much in my personal website here? Okay, now everyone is happy and pacified?

A couple of folks, imams and others, which spoke out their minds in the name of Islam, made some heavy remarks about homosexuals and women. That’s where Theo’s entire discussion in both his columns as well as his film got started. He threw words back at them, sometimes very heavy words, but still just letters on paper. I must admit, to call someone a ?geittenneuker? (literally: goat-fucker) or a pimp of Allah is definitely offensive. On the other side, to thrown all homosexuals from the roofs, as summoned by imams is offensive too. I guess Theo was fighting evil with evil.

Just after the loudest mouth of Holland was shot by an extremist coward, our prime minister gave a speech to the public. He asked the public not to jump to conclusions too fast and that above all the public needed to keep their heads cool. At that time it was already clear that a Moroccan man was the presumptive perpetrator. At the same moment Mr. Cohen (Amsterdam’s Mayor) was already around the table with several representatives of mosques and other minority parties was it was disclosed in the media that the perpetrator left a little note with an Arabic text. Before the official statement from the government was released, Holland already knew that his was from the hand of a frustrated Muslim extremist.

It was on the news ‘Het Journaal?, through that I saw people explaining that the Moroccan youth can’t find a connection with the Dutch society. In Morocco they are regarded as tourist and in Holland they’re regarded as a foreigner, even though they’re born and raised in Holland and see Holland as their home country. Often they’re being watched with suspicion and barred from bars and clubs. Because of the lack of integration with the rest of Holland, they’re isolated, which can drive them straight into the hands of extremists (as explained in the new). In the ?Journaal?, other groups of Muslims showed that they condemn the murder and clearly wanted to distance themselves from it. Further the ?Journaal? showed Moroccans that were embarrassed because of the fact that another Moroccan did this and they feared to be associated with this moron. Even in mosques people were summoned to show disgust towards this faint-hearted murder. Meanwhile, the media was running full-steam to show the innocence of Muslims and used many hours of airtime to show that Muslims can be pretty nice folks too.

The Dutch prime minister asked all Dutch people not to jump to conclusions too fast and Cohen got into a discussion with leaders of mosques and organization of Moroccans. Did Balkenende ask all the Dutch not to jump to conclusions, or was he just addressing the group of people that was living in Holland for many generations? Did Cohen ask for a discussion with all groups in the city of Amsterdam or only with Muslims and Moroccans? It was actually pretty clear that the general statement was: “White Dutch, please keep your heads cool. Moroccans and Mulsim, the white folks are angry at you, please do something that politically correct. We don’t want riots so if you could just quickly apologize, that would be great. We will make sure that the various media will report it nicely”.

On the day of the murder there were several more people arrested because of racist comments. On an emotional day, irrational emotional remarks are understandable. But what did the government do? Eradicate it! Arrest the whole bunch that think they can just express their opinions as and when they like! Meanwhile a discussion is started behind closed doors, so that afterwards a nice joint politically correct story can be pushed to the media. And as part of the political correctness, a big show dedicated to Theo is set up, during which people are more busy shooting pictures and partying than with mourning about Theo. They might as well just have let those racist walk around and let them shout their agony out for a while. But no, it needs to be managed and put under control.

Looking back at this, I really don’t understand why this imam with his statements about homosexuals just gets away with is, while a neo-Nazi is not allowed to speak his foolish mind? Is it because we have to turn the entire discussion in politically correct story in which the opinion of Theo was suddenly so terribly shocking? Once you start discussions with the association of mosques, aren’t you giving a very strong signal of prejudice and preconception? It was just one extremist, right? But all folks that are somehow associated with this fool have to justify themselves: “No, we’re not like that, have a look…”

In other words, who is lumping this murderer together with all other Moroccans and Muslims, the public or the government? There are racists, there are Moroccan criminals, there are Muslims that hate homosexuals and that beat up women (or worse), there are people that are scared of foreigners, there are foreigners that are scared of Dutch people, there are militant right and militant left, there are people that believe in violence, there are religious extremists, what is the problem with just stating these facts?

There are extremists, religious as well as non-religious, but the word ‘extreme’ already indicates that it’s a about an exception. The majority is somewhere in the middle, just a little racist, just a little afraid and just a little religious. I hope we can just let everybody say what they like. This might be shocking and insulting at times, but we will eventually get to know how the Dutch society really works. And if we know how the society work, we don’t have to get too shocked of just one extremist, because we know that he’s just an exception. At this moment we’re just claiming he his…

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