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Allard’s duck

Allard and my father have always been dreaming about this funny little French car that goes by the name of ‘Eend’ (transl. Duck). To me it is still unclear why you would call a car ‘Eend’, but that’s completely besides the point. When Dutch are referring to ‘Eend’, they actually mean the good old Citroen 2VC4. The people’s car from the old days from France. After day dreaming for a long time, Allard and my father finally cut the knot, counted their money and found out they could afford one.

Allard had decided that the car should be his wedding car, and it should be finished before he gets married. He has actually planned to drive the Eend for the first time on the day he gets married. Now, besides the fact that the car is a little small and he has no clue about what Djoeke’s wedding dress will look like (it might be one of those big, balloon type version), would you feel comfortable driving in an Eend? I mean, imagine this: the car is called Eend (Duck), wouldn’t that even be worse than Kever (Beetle)? A duck, with just enough brain cells to squeek its voice box such that a daft ‘Quack Quack’ can be generated, an animal that is wobbly on its feet, that wiggles its tail when it walks, so submissive that it offers itself under some gravy in our favorite duck-rice stall… Would you really put your life in the hands of a car that is associated with that animal?

Well, Allard does. And he has to do some CPR on this little animal quickly and make sure that his 26 year old new pet (it was hatched in 1977) is fully revived before his wedding with Djoeke. He admitted his ducky to do nearest qualified duck-CPR-station and the surgery has begun. Please find a nice picture of Allard’s duck below:

Not sure what they’re trying to do. Getting it up his legs again?

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