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Wow, that wasn’t funny. All of a sudden some of my hard drives in all my PCs stopped working. The harddrive in my linux machine with all websites and databases suddenly started clicking very loud when I wanted to reboot it after it hung, and at the same time I wan’t able to access my backup drive on another PC anymore. This was not just Murphy’s Law….

Anyway, I did a major revision of my machine part; happen to have a faster CPU for my internet server now and even more hard disk space for my video and music collection than I possibly could dream of some time ago. I was even so over-equipped that I sold off one of my harddisks to a friend who also has too much empty harddisk space, but still wanted to buy it.

As you’ve already guessed, I wasn’t able to make a good restore of my previous web-contents. And since all stuff there was very outdated anyway, I might as well just give it a new start again. So here it is, the renewed site. Without any guarantees that this site will be more useful than the previous site.

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